Monday, March 17, 2014

The Famous Lumpiang Sariwa in Quiapo

The busiest city I know in the Philippines is Manila City. Roads are clogged with jeepneys, the noise pollution is like a rock music to your ears, and the people are scattered just anywhere you look. Speaking of which, my cousin, Charie Balingit, and I were strolling along Quiapo in Raon when we spotted a stall with people lining-up outside it. At first, I was like, “Remittance Center ba ito?” Because the signage in
front says Globe, with big letters, and I wasn’t able to notice right away the sub name on it which was Lumpia House. Then, I was again like, “Bakit ang daming tao? Lakas makapila sa J.Co ha.” And my cousin and I laughed with that notion. As the line was getting longer and longer we, with no doubt, lined up to test what these people were craving for.

The long line of people was an eyebrow raising view for some, yes, a lot were already complaining about the slow moving of the line, even comparing it to lines in getting an NBI Clearance and even NFA rice, but it has a positive side after all, you get to meet other people, talk to talk, share about favorite food, and even speak about how special this lumpiang sariwa that made a lot of people wait patiently. Also, suggestions for Globe Lumpia House that they should add staffs for faster production and yet open a hotline for customers so they could pre-order. Because to tell you honestly, these people were not buying one or two of these famous chow but 10 to 20, one lady was even ordering 50 pieces. So, the suggestions of customers must really be taken in consideration. I even joked about opening my own branch of the store outside my house. So, people would have choices.

It was one long hour after the special lumpiang sariwa landed on our hands. The long wait was over! As soon as I got home, I immediately threw it on a plate and judged why people were getting crazy about it. The taste of the sauce was both sugary and salty. The lumpia itself was garlicky and sweet. The veggies in it were crunchy to the max. It felt like eating chips. And overall taste was phenomenal! It was really worth the wait. I would truly line-up for another taste of that exceptional food. I fell in love with it. Surely, it depicted the saying, “true love waits.”

Needed Budget: Php 18.00
Location: Raon, Quiapo, Manila (Beside the overpass)
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