Friday, June 13, 2014

The Cheapest and Yummiest Siomai in Town

Siomai is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling serves as dim sum, which is now known by most parts of the world especially in the Philippines as a dish made with ground pork, beef, or shrimp combined with extenders like green peas, carrots and the like then wrapped in wonton wrappers which is then commonly steamed. A popular street food in Manila that most Filipinos loved to eat with matching garlic fried rice. Who wouldn’t indulge to such meal, right?

Nowadays, siomai stores are the new trend in the fast-food supremacy. Stalls and carts popping out almost anywhere, in malls and even in different streets in the Metro. Some of the popular names are Siomai House and Master Siomai. They sell siomai for an amount of Php25.00 to Php30.00 not that pricey, right? To the majority of students these days, affordability and taste are the main factors in buying
a grub. The latter siomai stores stated provide those aspects. But, I found a much better choice that will also give you the same desires and even in a greater level. Have you tasted an absolutely delicious siomai for only Php2.50 each? I have. But I’m not just talking about the taste and the price here, but the total experience you will get in Mang Cesar Siomai. The siomai is packed with lavish
flavor, both meaty and savory. The size is same with those of the top siomai stores. The difference, of course, is the price that is very inexpensive. Plus, the special sauces, Mang Cesar Siomai have two sauces: the traditional toyo-mansi (soy sauce-calamansi juice mixture) and the sweet sauce, which is syrupy in texture. When both sauces are topped on your siomai, your taste buds will cause a blissful riot, your heart will surely skip a beat, and your feet will elevate one to two inches from the ground. Heavenly.

Want to know the secrets behind Mang Cesar Siomai? Well, Mang Cesar himself revealed to me the secret to his super delicious yet affordable siomai. He uses an extender and not just pure meat. He adds turnips, you heard me right, singkamas in Filipino, making it fuller and giving it a crunch. It surely is! Truly worth a second try.

Aside from the siomai alone, you can also order Mang Cesar’s fried rice, which is garlicky and delicious, for only Php10.00. Plus, a glass of pineapple juice to flush down the goodness, Php5.00 each. A complete meal, right? And very filling!

Now, are you thinking to throw a Siomai Party today? Mang Cesar Siomai also accepts bulk orders for a minimum of 300 pieces including its packed sauces. And the price? It gets even lower. For bulk orders, it is discounted from Php2.50 to Php2.25 each. Affordability to the highest level! And just so you know, I wouldn’t recommend something I haven’t tasted myself, and do not believe in. My friend and I have proven and tested (tasted!) it. I’m telling you, Mang Cesar Siomai is the new hip. A must try! So, what are you waiting for? Come and taste the best siomai experience ever!

Needed Budget: Php 20.00 at the least (includes 2 siomai, 1 fried rice and 1 pineapple juice)
Location: In front of Manila Adventist Medical Center, San Juan St. corner Leveriza, Pasay City
Contact Info: 09103709202
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