Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Premiere of M Club

The story goes…

After five long years, M Club will be reunited once again. Marilyn, Mitzi, Moira, Miriam and Mollie are totally excited for the Grand Reunion of Manila City High School that will take place in a luxury cruiser showering with boozes, grubs, and everyone they know from the past—even exes.

They thought everything’s sailing into perfection until one tragic event will send them to an island of nowhere where secret love stories long forgotten will be the talk of the night. In the daybreak, the sun greets them with humongous waves crashing onto the seashore about the ultimate truth that will change their lives forever… a life… fading… forever.

Meet the girls…

Marilyn… learns that Love Takes Time to heal.
A shy girl, more focused to career than her relationship will eventually lose the guy who has everything she wished to a man.

Mitzi… shouts Thanks For Nothin’ to the guy who played her.
A carefree girl that will carelessness find herself in the arms of a guy that will only play games on her. But it’s not yet game over as it’s her time to play the game.

Moira… will Betcha Gon’ Know the truth.
A rich and famous girl, leaving the Philippines to study abroad, until she comes back with a surprise that her boyfriend cheated on her with someone very close to her.

Miriam… still lives with the Side Effects.
A smart girl, the President of the Student Council, is not-so smart at all when she said ‘Yes’ to the guy that will give her the most traumatic love experience ever.

Mollie… says Miss You Most to the guy she only loved.
A sweet and kind girl will meet the guy of her life. They promised to love each other forever even death takes its toll.

The premiere, the songs, 10.14.14…

The premiere of my ninth novel, M Club this 10.14.14. Read the first chapter only on Wattpad. It will be an opening episode about the reunion of M Club spearheaded by Moira and how it will all end in a very explosive way. First chapter pa lang pasabog na! Yes, like, glitter bomb!

M Club is a novel inspired by the music of Mariah Carey. Five different stories about five girls that will all end in one heartbreaking finale. This will be my first novel which I will be basing on songs, or stories written with the translation and guidance of songs. Everyone knows that I am a true lamb (Mariah Carey used to call her fans) so I decided to dedicate this whole book to her.

It wasn’t easy picking the songs for this novel because there were so many good songs which could’ve made the cut. But, a decision should be made. So, from 25 songs I managed to cut it through 5 songs. Here are the songs I’ve chosen (with the help of my fellow lambs): Love Takes Time, Thanks For Nothin’, Betcha Gon’ Know, Side Effects, and Miss You Most. The novel is composed of 7 parts and I suggest that before you read each part you have to play the song associated to it so you will get the feels, oozing with it. Again, I’m inviting you all to read the premiere chapter of M Club. Read here. Thanks much. Luvyamuch!

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