Friday, November 28, 2014

Save The Date: December 25!

December 25, 2014. Save the date, fams! Sa lahat po ng nagbabasa at nakapagbasa na ng 'Anong Klaseng Estudyante Ka?', well, the sequel my most-read story on Wattpad is coming yo' way this December 25. It will then not just Jesus Christ who will be celebrating this special day but also myself and all of you! As my special gift to y'all this December 25, I will be publishing on my Wattpad three chapters of my new story 'Anong Klaseng Empleyado Ka?'. Isn't that exciting? Abangan!

On the sequel to AKEK, I will be answering the question, "What's life after college?" Read all my quirky and most outrageous experiences in 'Anong Klaseng Empleyado Ka?' aka AKEK2 plus funny tips on how to get a "decent" job and how not to.

Will expect y'all on December 25. LYM!

For now, you can read the first book and know how and where my fun student life all began. Read here.


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