Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chopstop Will Make You Stop!

After four long years, finally, I was able to have a simple, mini, yet super fun reunion with my high school bestfriend, Florianne (we call each other “friendship”). At first we were lost as to where we could enjoy a dinner together until I suggested to eat at this new eating hub at SM Sta. Mesa—Chopstop. The first time I saw this resto was via Facebook as one of my friends visited this resto and bragged about it on Facebook. At first glance on my friend’s photos of Chopstop, I was captured by how the resto was put up, and when I finally set foot on its environs, my first impression of how fun and interesting Chopstop did not cease but remained. I loved the invigorating feel it gave us. Then, the staffs greeted us with sheer joy and ushered us to our table with menus laden thereafter ready for our hungry bellies. Plus, their cool interior would make anyone smile and forget all the worries you had for such a stressful day. Look at these super fun and witty wall posts. Cool, right?

Something that I was a little pahiya in way was when I called a waiter to get our orders and the lady I was calling was a little dumbfounded. Suddenly, I thought, c’mon, Jahric, this ain’t fine-dining. Haha! I was just so carried away with the fine-dining feel when they gave us menus and so my HRM-alumna instinct was like, “We’re ready to order. Call the waiter.” ‘Cause they gave us menus, so I expected that someone would be getting our orders. My bad. Haha! But Florianne and I just laughed it off and went to the counter to order. Then, in just a few minutes our orders were on the table and ready to be devoured. Famished much? Haha! So, after selfies (as usual), we dug in. We ordered their bestselling Chicken BBQ Chops with Buttered Veggies on the side, the Chicken Chop Spaghetti, and two Oreo milkshakes.

Before I go on telling you guys how the food was like, I would like to say first that the prices and portions that Chopstop has was very pang-estudyante. Students would be able to avail any offerings they have and the portions was not too little or too huge, just enough to fill a hungry tummy. But also a place for professionals or those employees ‘cause Chopstop surely was (and is) not a shabby place. Also, thank you to the Manager (or Womanager, for equality! Haha!), Maita Ambrocio, for the complimentary Fudge Brownie
Maita Ambrocio the Manager
Mugcake. Say no to God’s grace. So, now, on to the food! First, the “chops” aka the breaded chicken and pork was phenomenal. It wasn’t greasy, not too much breading, and the taste was great. I have no words for the spaghetti that was served to me, the pasta was al dente and the tomato flavour of the sauce was so vibrant especially with the presence of a little dried basil and oregano, just the right, exact spaghetti I would want to be served with. My only concern was the buttered veggies and the gravy because it turned out to be a little too salty. I even asked Florianne’s opinion to check if my tastebuds were serving me right. And I was correct, those buttered veggies and gravy could tone down a little on its saltiness. But still, I commend the chef for the perfectly cooked veggies, so firm and crunchy. And for being on the herby side on your gravy, I tasted thyme in there. While the Oreo milkshakes, two thumbs up! This milkshake gave me nostalgia, it threw me back in time, high school year to be exact, when we were chugging those cookie shakes in the cafeteria. The only difference to this Oreo milkshake from my high-school-cookie-shake was the creaminess that exploded in my mouth that sent me a sudden refreshing feel. And the Fudge Brownie Mugcake was a cherry-on-top. The chocolate cake partnered with vanilla ice cream just complimented each other all too well. The best dinner ender ever!

Mouth-watering, yeah? What’re waiting for, get up and have a feast at Chopstop. Next time, I will surely dig my teeth on those pulled pork sandwiches and nachos. And I wish that Chopstop will offer more pasta dishes, I love pasta so much! Also, I heard that they are open for franchising, hmm, sounds like a great business to open up! So, again, don’t hesitate to stop at any Chopstop near you! ^^

***Check Chopstop online, click here

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