Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Palengke XP: San Pablo, Laguna

San Pablo, Laguna is enormous enough for qualities that would excite even the smallest taste bud you got. Of course, I’m talking about food. You wouldn’t know more about a place if your feet don’t start walking. It all takes a single step to have that full-packed adventure you might never experience anywhere else. As we set foot at San Pablo market, the feel of wandering around floated in the air. As you draw closer from left to right, you would be taken aback by the wondrous food picks you would love to savor. So, we continued on.

The first bite was galapong twisted to shape like the number eight, then coated with panutsa. The taste was similar to carioca but it was more thrilling to devour because of its unusual structure. Laguna called it Pilipit. And it would surely be a favorite.

Another turn, a woman roasting bananas caught our eye. We approached her and asked what she was selling. It is called Binangin na Saba where the taste was of the same as bananacue only it got no sugar coating and not fried but rather roasted on coal. It was pure of heavy chews and smoky flavor that would tell the difference from the normal bananacue we have in the Metro.

The following day was another adventure, the flow of food galore ruptured. At San Pablo Colleges, a food dish they named Mami De Laguna lives on to prove its worth. It tasted meaty and garlicky because of the gargantuan amount of ground beef and toasted garlic. The difference we noticed was the consistency of its soup, it was thick and very flavorful like pares mami. A real worthy dish.

As we traveled in the market, we zoomed to San Pablo City Shopping Mall and there we ate at the corner of the long-strained stairs the so-called Sampinit drizzled with sugar and a pinch of salt. The strawberry of Laguna. Or what we all call as raspberry.

The way back to our lodge was another food adventure as we gobbled Nilupak made with grated cassava, with the center filled with of sweet peanut butter, and topped with lavish margarine. It has a richer flavor compared to the nilupaks we have in the Metro. Another street treat was Buchi. It was munchy inside and crunchy outside. The flavor of its monggo filling and sugar-coating is beyond compare.

So, when you travel to Sal Pablo, Laguna don’t forget to visit their market as it’s where food paradise is. Have a bite!

NOTE: I apologize that I can’t post photos of my adventure to San Pablo because sadly the memory card of the camera that we used got corrupted. Ugh, I know. No photos left, not even one. But I hope with my descriptions and stories you were able to discern and imagine the taste of Pilipit, Binangin Na Saba, Mami De Laguna, Sampinit, Nilupak, and Buchi.

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