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Reading. My love for reading has blossomed when I was still a kid and it never stopped. When I was in grade school, I used to keep P10.00 from my baon to be able to buy booklets with fables and myths, both in Filipino and English, and read them again and again at home. Until I have subconsciously collected a bunch of those booklets. (I still have some of those in my mini-library at home, by the way). Then, in high school I got addicted to Filipino pocketbooks, mostly horror stories. Also, dictionaries became my best friends. Reading and learning new words has become my pastime. Because of that, I was called by my classmates, the walking dictionary.

Well, reading books would never get out of my system. Now, I am enjoying fantasy and romance novels, both from Filipino and International authors. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Suzanne Collins, Nicholas Sparks, Tyra Banks, Roald Dahl, Mina V. Esguerra and Bob Ong to name a few. Next to my list, J.K Rowling’s works and some classic novels. I enjoyed watching the Harry Potter installments but I haven’t tried reading the book series, but I will, soon.


Writing. It has been my passion since I was a kid. When I was in grade school, I got a whole notebook filled with my own drawings and writings: fantasy lands, dwarves, princesses, magical worlds. Sadly, the notebook went missing and until now I got no idea where it has been. But I still have hopes in finding it, ‘cause it already has become part of my history. Then, when I went to high school, I started something like that, too, I wrote stories at the back of my notebook to make fun of my classmates.Until Ganda Hero Series was born, not really a Sci-Fi novel but a big kalokohan with characters using magic powers interjected with real events that happened in school. It was a lot of fun!

Jahric Lago's self-published books!
I have been writing stories since I was in grade school. But I discovered writing as my career when I entered college. I wrote a novelette titled She Still Loves Her which won a grand prize in Heartbreakers Special Edition Writing Contest, and that where it all began. The determination, word vomit and book ideas flooded me. I became serious in writing and even absorbed training through writing workshops and words from my mentors, Mr. Robert Alegre, Mrs. Carlota Panganiban, and Mr. Emil Daroy.

At the present time, I have six self-published books. Now, I’m working on the new novella titled Circles. Plus, here’s a list of more about my upcoming books: The Secret Green Door, Revenge of a Brokenhearted Girl, House of Madame Ermelita, and The Fierce Five.  Inspiration never dies, I know. My genres are vastly of romance, fantasy, and mystery. This might be because of the influence of the authors I have read and still reading. I have written a bunch of novelettes as well: Cellphone, If Tyron Banks, Christmas Gift, I Do, Shattered, and Te Amo. These stories would then be part of a collection titled as: Jarred: A Collection of Jahric Lago’s Novelettes to be released this 2014.


I wrote this novella with my Fiercely Real Friend, Francesca Mateo. We agreed that I would be writing about the male protagonist, Rico Ramirez, and she would be writing about the female protagonist, Leigh Lucero. The book was alternated with the point of view of Rico and Leigh per chapter, which we intended. We finished the book for about two months only. This is my first self-published book which I got copies from a traditional publishing financed by my auntie in Germany, Tita Lanie Menge.

Giovanni Bactol Jr. is very close to my heart because aside from the fact that this is the first novella I have written, also because Gio is my alter ego. His story was based from the events that really happened in my life, yes, some parts of this book were interpreted exaggeratedly for it to become more interesting. Writng Giovanni Bactol Jr. took me only a week, yes, just one week. Now, I wish that I could still write stories that fast, just jealous to the old me. 

That what I learned, wirting your first novella would always be easy, and the second, third and so on would be cuh-ray-zee hard! Because you would then have to be careful to not make the same story and personality of characters as your first. GIO 2.0 is the second installment of the series. I was actually planning to make three books, a trilogy, but a sequel is good enough, I thought. Same GIO 2.0 continued the story left behind Giovanni Bactol Jr., the events were as true and as exaggeratedly altered as well.

Yes, Ganda Hero was the first Filipino book I’ve written (still unpublished because I’m still fixing some parts and worried that my high school classmates would kill me knowing that there’s actually a book now, about them) but Anong Klaseng Estudyante Ka? is my first self-published Filipino book. This book is a memoir about me. Well, mostly fun experiences of my school life: grade school, high school and college. Also got facts I learned about students, teachers, subjects and just the entire school itself. A point of view from Jahric Lago as a hardheaded, naughty, but smart-ass student.

This is by far the hardest novella to finish. This is based on my experiences in the first call center job I had. It took me a year to get all the plots and concepts together. Because I always tumble into writer’s block, plenty of those at that time. But finishing it was all worth it! Now, this is my most-read book in Wattpad. I love this story, too. I know, as an author you shouldn’t have favorites but honestly this is my favorite work so far. The ending is just so wonderful. I love the author of this book, I love him so much! Really? I love myself! Kidding!

This collection was inspired by a bunch of people, books and internet sites. It also inspired my writings. With that, you would notice passages, lines or even ideas in this book that I have integrated in my writings. This collection has become my treasure box of love inspiration. When I feel I need a boost, I dive my hand inside it and indulge its essence, then I will become motivated again to write about love. This has inspired me all these years. Articles of Love will take you to a rollercoaster ride of all about love, heartbreaks, letting go, moving on, and finding another love that will make you realize forever is not enough. 


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Eating. Who on Earth doesn’t want to eat? Everyone’s hobby is eating, count me in. The first day I tasted my mother’s milk, I realized that I couldn’t be separated with food. I loved it! Couldn’t even forget my dinner when I was a kid: hot cooked rice, mixed with freshly cracked egg, topped with margarine. Yum! Even my usual snack from way before: hot cooked rice, Milo (or any chocolate powder), and add a little hot water on that. And voila, instant champorado!

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Food is an adventure. Take the first bite and you will not know how your taste buds will react. Will you like the taste or not? I’m a big food adventurer. I wanted to taste every little exotic food the nature could offer. The most exotic foods I have eaten already were: balut, one-day-old chicken, snake, stingray, and a lot more. Whatever it is, as long as it’s edible, I will devour it!

Food fuels the mind and body to go further, to move forward, for you to reach your dreams. Deep? I know. But very true. What is that dream? Well, as I said awhile ago, I wanted to taste the different flavors of the world. I want to travel. Macau. Italy. Brazil. New York. Everywhere! Just to eat, write and share my experiences. My ever dearest dream is to become like Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern. I want to become a TLC host, too. I want my dreams to come to life.


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Cooking. My roots of cooking spouted from my parents. We own an eatery outside our house and my parents cook the dishes we serve. Since then, I learned how to cook… good food. The first cuisine I learned was Filipino, of course: adobo, sinigang, and kare-kare. Our family and relatives really love cooking. My grandparents are the best cooks! My aunties and uncles, too.

Frosting carrot cakes
at Cravings Bakeshop
At the beginning, I wasn’t planning to enroll myself in Hotel and Restaurant Management. My dream was to get a diploma in Culinary Arts, but it was way too much expensive. So, I landed in HRM. Being a HRM student would still grant my dream in a similar way.  I was able to cook and bake the food galore I wanted. Plus, a lesson in management. With that, now I have plans of becoming a GM or a restaurateur someday, or even put up my own café, which I already have a name: JARRED. The café I was planning to put up would have a mixture of my academic conception and passion for books. So, the idea was a coffee shop selling jarred cakes and book shop selling my books and others. WARNING: Don’t steal my idea, or you’ll be dead tomorrow! Just kidding. But I’m serious, I’m telling you. 

Now, this coming April 2014, I am graduating with flying colors! Just so proud of myself. And of cooking.

When asked, “WHO IS JAHRIC LAGO?”

I answer: I am a loving person, a family guy, a music lover, a foodie, a fashionista, a bookworm, an adventure seeker, a self-published author, an event host, a CPAIPS Valley Voice Editor-in-Chief, graduated as cum laude and Journalist of the Year. Add to the list: a blogger.

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